Elder law attorney Bob Michaels helps you understand the importance of estate planning, paying for long term care without going broke, asset protection and life planning. Bob will gladly explain why having a life care plan is essential in protecting your or your loved ones future. Can you name the 5 estate planning documents we must all have regardless of the size of our wealth? Of these 5, which two are a must while alive? If not, simply call Bob @ 253-627-1091. Email Bob:  bobm@smithalling.com

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    Come listen, learn and ask your questions at our May 17th, 2017

    FREE WORKSHOP! 10am – 11:30am at the La Quinta in Tacoma. 

    In the meantime, always feel free to contact attorney Bob Michaels at (253) 627-1091 or bobm@smithalling.com if you are not sure where to turn regarding long term care planning, estate matters, or asset management.
    Our goal is to help you “leave a plan, not a mess”. Bob will explain the 5 legal documents that we all must have or face horrific consequences.
    The rising costs of long term care is the leading cause of stress and financial ruin among our aging population. To combat, start NOW employing proven, legal strategies. The longer you wait, the fewer your options.
    Thinking that your family is protected with your current estate planning documents and some money set aside for the payment of long term care is not enough. Contact Bob today to review your planning and options to verify that all measures up. Before it’s too late!

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