Estate Planning

If you or a family member has invested a lifetime of hard work into accumulating property and assets, you owe it to yourself to make an astute long-term care estate plan. At the law firm of Robert L. Michaels, Attorney Robert L. Michaels wants his clients and their families to realize the maximum return on their estate. Attorney Robert L. Michaels has extensive experience drafting simple and complex wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other documents that best serve the needs of his clients, and facilitates the distribution of assets.

He knows how to relate each legal instrument to a particular situation and will provide the guidance that makes the difference. He will find a corporate trustee to manage a property if necessary. If a family member has passed away without a will, he will help you through the probate process so you are able to retain the maximum amount of the estate under the law.

When family members are awarded gifts or make charitable contributions, he can provide indispensable guidance to best serve the client’s interests under the current tax laws. Conversely, when an estate is liquidated or distributed, he offers his clients valuable advice that greatly reduces their tax exposure.

In addition, he helps families solve crisis situations. Typically, these situations involve a family member who may have suffered an illness, or may have been quickly released from the hospital and in need of immediate care. He will help you find the best resolution to the situation, so that your loved one is comfortable and well cared for.

Attorney Robert L. Michaels provides service on matters related to guardianships. The courts appoint a guardian when an individual is unable to make important decisions for him or herself regarding health care or financial matters. An appointed guardian takes on full responsibility for that person and is expected to protect or safeguard that person’s interests. If you are going to be taking care of a family member, he is able to make you the legal caregiver or guardian. In addition, he has secured restitution against businesses and individuals who have financially exploited or defrauded seniors.